some exciting news! {we hope?}

first things first: I would love to get my hands on this much bakers twine… there is just something magical about it.

Happy Monday friends! We had a super restful & low key weekend and I seriously woke up this morning and it doesn’t even feel like a Monday. I have had a busy month of January at work and so I’m definitely embracing this first week of February with open arms!

So ready for some exciting news? We have heard back from the bank and we accepted their counter offer about the house! It’s not 100% seal the deal kind of thing yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed and we may have a new home in Charleston around the end of February! wahooooooooo. I’m seriously going to lay in the middle of floor there and be so excited if it all goes through. This weekend I spent some serious time looking at paint colors and diy projects. I’m super pumped about adding some updates already to really make it ours. On that note though, we are seriously overwhelmed with all we have been blessed with this past year. If we receive this home, our intention is to be good stewards of our gift, and everyone is invited to stay! I mean seriously, who wants to come and visit us this summer??

Oh here is also a little disclaimer… some people have wanted me to share some specifics about the house, ie. neighborhood, location, etc. and that is one little boundary I have with the internet. If you know my dad well, you know that in our family sharing too much personal info about yourself on the web is a big no no. If you want to know why, just call him and he has some great stories for you… {for all of you that know him well this make perfect sense!} I do very much appreciate his love of protecting our family, and I think I’ll follow his advice here!

On another note, with a new year and this blog being one year old, I have been thinking a lot about it recently. Along the note of privacy, I do have a harder time being vulnerable on the internet in general. That is why I write this like no one reads it… it has brought a great and refreshing amount of creativity to my life and I totally love the design aspect of it. On some days though, I do have a hard time sharing what’s actually going on, etc. Everyday for anyone is not full of pretty pictures and witty remarks, although it is fun to be a little more light hearted on a blog. I was chatting with some sweet friends about blogging and being vulnerable and it really challenged me to write more from what’s going on in my heart than what I may be doing day to day. The lord has taught me so much in the past year and I think there is a lot of value for people our age, especially women, to just be real with each other.

I just got an email from my good friends, Kate, {and hopefully she doesn’t mind} but here are some of her wise words about vulnerability:

“I’ve been realizing that the more vulnerable I am, the more people want to be around me…which is the total OPPOSITE of what the Deceiver tells us and has been telling me my entire life. I have believed that (especially as a Christian) I need to make sure people think I have it all together and life is grand for me to be really liked and loved. What a fliippin lie!!! Vulnerability is so freeing. I keep my eyes on Jesus, let Him know about my insecurities and things I’m struggling with, then I tell people, and boom- Family. If I can leave any advice, if you long for that connect and intimacy with people (we all do), open up your heart and let stuff out. I guarantee you will be loved and accepted for being honest and open.”

Ah! She is truly a wise, wise lady. How challenging is that? Hopefully you find just as much encouragement in it as I do.

On another note, Saturday night Chris and I headed to Granville’s for a little date. Granville’s is located on King, on the other side of the crosstown, and is owned by our caterer Trae. Without a doubt, his food did not disappoint, it was seriously one of the best all around meals we have had in a restaurant in a long time! If you loved the food at the wedding, lots of it is on the menu, and it’s a great little off the beaten path place to go if you come into town. I finally got to try all the delicious goods we didn’t eat at the wedding!

So I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Yall are so sweet to continue to ask/pray about getting a house and we will keep you updated on the percentages it will happen as the weeks go on. Right now, I’m giving it 90%. Hooray!

Here are some other fun/interesting links for your Monday:

An awesome $100 rule that I would totally love to live by! {i think chris would love it as well!}

Intrigued by these quirky vintage internet ads.

Another great post about vulnerability that continues to challenge me.

Grow your own meat? Yes, you heard me correctly, this article is about a man 3 floors above me at MUSC.

Have you all been following this news story? Every morning over the past week it has totally blown my mind. With hardly any communication with each other (no phone, internet, etc.), these people have managed to gather hundreds of thousands to protest their corrupt government, so crazy…

why the hello did I not think of this? possibly the smartest wedding business ever.

I’ve been on pins & needles waiting for this chica to give birth, i predict her baby is a girl and comes out with bangs and a mod cloth dress on.

the end. happy 1st week of february!

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